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Find the right memory for your Motorola Mobile Phone Series machine.

Motorola memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Motorola Mobile Phone Series machine in just one more click! With nearly twenty years experience in the RAM market, we've learnt a thing or two about memory. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right upgrade for your Motorola machine.

Please select the model of your Motorola Mobile Phone Series machine from the list below.

A1000 MemoryMING A1600 MemoryV1050 Memory
A1010 MemoryMOTO MT620 MemoryV1075 Memory
A1200 MemoryMOTO MT716 MemoryV1100 Memory
A1600 MemoryMOTO MT870 MemoryV1150 Memory
A1680 MemoryMOTO Q Global MemoryV191 Memory
A1800 MemoryMOTO VE66 MemoryV195 Memory
A3100 MemoryMOTO XT316 MemoryV360 Memory
A630 MemoryMOTO XT882 MemoryV361 Memory
A728 MemoryMotocubo A45 MemoryV3x Memory
A732 MemoryMOTOFONE F3 MemoryV635 Memory
A780 MemoryMOTOKEY Mini EX108 MemoryV710 Memory
A810 MemoryMOTOKEY XT EX118 MemoryV8 Memory
A830 MemoryMOTOTV EX245 MemoryV975 Memory
A835 MemoryMPx MemoryV980 Memory
A840 MemoryMPx100 MemoryVA76r Tundra Memory
A910 MemoryMPx200 MemoryVE538 Memory
A920 MemoryMPx220 MemoryVE66 Memory
A925 MemoryMT710 MemoryVE75 Memory
A975 MemoryPEBL U3 MemoryW160 Memory
ATRIX MemoryPEBL U6 MemoryW161 Memory
ATRIX 4G MemoryPEBL U9 MemoryW177 Memory
Aura MemoryPhoton 4G MemoryW180 Memory
BACKFLIP MemoryPRO MemoryW181 Memory
BRAVO MB520 MemoryPRO+ MemoryW205 Memory
C975 MemoryQ MemoryW208 Memory
C980 MemoryQ 11 MemoryW209 Memory
CHARM MemoryQ 8 MemoryW213 Memory
CITRUS WX445 MemoryQ 9c MemoryW215 Memory
Cliq 2 MemoryQ 9h MemoryW218 Memory
CUPE MemoryQ q9 MemoryW220 Memory
DEFY MemoryQ9 MemoryW230 Memory
DEFY+ MemoryQUENCH MemoryW231 Memory
DEXT MB220 MemoryQuench XT3 MemoryW233 Renew Memory
DROID 2 MemoryRambler MemoryW270 Memory
DROID 2 Global MemoryRAZR M702iS MemoryW360 Memory
DROID 3 MemoryRAZR maxx MemoryW375 Memory
DROID BIONIC MemoryRAZR maxx V6 MemoryW377 Memory
DROID PRO XT610 MemoryRAZR V3i MemoryW380 Memory
DROID X ME811 MemoryRAZR V3xx MemoryW388 Memory
E1000 MemoryRAZR V6 maxx MemoryW395 Memory
E1060 MemoryRAZR V9m MemoryW396 Memory
E1070 MemoryRAZR2 V8 MemoryW490 Memory
E1120 MemoryRAZR2 V9 MemoryW510 Memory
E398 MemoryRAZR2 V9x MemoryW7 Active Edition Memory
E680 MemoryRIZR MemoryWILDER Memory
E680i MemoryRIZR Z10 MemoryWX160 Memory
E770 MemoryRIZR Z3 MemoryWX161 Memory
E895 MemoryRIZR Z6 MemoryWX180 Memory
EM25 MemoryRIZR Z6c MemoryWX181 Memory
EM28 MemoryRIZR Z6i MemoryWX260 Memory
EM30 MemoryRIZR Z6TV MemoryWX265 Memory
EM35 MemoryRIZR Z6w MemoryWX280 Memory
ES400 MemoryRIZR Z8 MemoryWX288 Memory
EX112 MemoryRIZR Z9 MemoryWX290 Memory
EX115 MemoryROKR E1 MemoryWX294 Memory
EX128 MemoryROKR E2 MemoryWX295 Memory
EX210 MemoryROKR E3 MemoryWX390 Memory
EX212 MemoryROKR E6 MemoryWX395 Memory
EX232 MemoryROKR E8 MemoryXOOM MZ600 Memory
EX300 MemoryROKR U9 MemoryXOOM MZ601 Memory
FIRE MemoryROKR U9 Music MemoryXOOM MZ604 Memory
FlipOut MemoryROKR W5 MemoryXPRT Memory
FLIPSIDE MB508 MemoryROKR W6 MemoryXT301 Memory
GLEAM MemoryROKR Z6 MemoryXT701 Memory
Grasp WX404 MemoryROKR ZN50 MemoryXT720 MOTOROI Memory
Karma QA1 MemorySidekick Slide MemoryXT800 Memory
KRAVE ZN4 MemorySLVR L7 MemoryXT800 ZHISHANG Memory
KRZR K1 MemorySLVR L7e MemoryZ6c Memory
KRZR K3 MemorySLVR L9 MemoryZ6w Memory
L800t MemorySPICE Key MemoryZ9 Memory
MC55 MemorySPICE XT300 MemoryZINE ZN5 Memory
MileStone MemoryTriumph MemoryZN200 Memory
MILESTONE 2 MemoryTundra VA76r MemoryZN300 Memory
MILESTONE XT720 MemoryU9 MemoryZN5 Memory
Milestone XT883 MemoryV1000 Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9700 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your Motorola machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

Popular OEM Codes for Motorola

These are some of the most popular OEM codes for Motorola machines. You are however better off looking for your specific machine on the configurator as OEM Memory Part Codes can change regularly.

INSDH4G6 memoryINMSD2GV2 memory22641 memory
INMSDH4G4V2 memoryINMSDH8G4V2 memoryINMSDH32G4V2 memory
INSD1GV2 memoryINMSDH16G4V2 memoryINMSD1GV2 memory
INSDH4G4V2 memory

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